Product/service design

Experience over everything

World-class organisations don’t compete on price, products, or features. They compete on experience. Great experiences are the ultimate drivers of preference, loyalty, and advocacy.

For example online streaming services, like Netflix, provide a great experience in more than one way. Having advertisement free, on demand, high-quality content for a micro-fraction of the price of cable has created a better experience. This has led to a preference for these services over cable TV, with a Pacific Crest analyst estimating that the top eight cable companies in the US lost 463,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2015, compared to a decline of 141,000 for the second quarter of 2014.


People may argue that the increase in popularity of streaming services is predominantly affected by the dramatically lower price point which can be around $100 per month. However, Norwegian research body Ipsos MMI, have discovered that the piracy of TV shows and movies has decreased by about a 50% since the introduction of streaming services like Netflix.

The piracy of music has had an even more dramatic decrease of 82.5% since the introduction of streaming services, like Spotify.

I believe there’s no clearer indication of a great experience than people moving from free methods, like piracy, to paid ones, like Netflix.

Great experiences are created from the outside in. They begin with customers’ behaviour and influence business processes to make it happen.

Unfortunately, most businesses create experiences from the inside out (as shown below). This may be because it’s easier to make a decision around a table than it is to consult a bunch of users.

Inside out model

Taking an ‘outside in’ approach starts with understanding people’s behaviour – particularly in the context of the experience you’re designing for. This will give you a platform to design accurate and delightful solutions. You’ll then be able to mitigate risk by iterating on your solutions until your customers are begging you to release them. Before you know it, you’ll be disrupting an industry just how Netflix did.

A great experience has two elements to it;

  • The value it provides
  • How usable the solution is

In the next two blogs, I’ll discuss how to identify your product or services value and how to turn it into a delightfully usable solution.

Let me know what you think contributes to a great experience how you’ve created them in the past.



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